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I’m Stanka Wixted, the creator of Toddlyworld. I’d love to introduce you to Toddly Boo and his best friend, Toddlybear – a real live teddy. Together, they explore their world and learn all about it.


Now, your children can share their adventures through a range of books, music and audio videos.


When I came to this country from Slovakia, I had no idea where my own adventure would take me. I only found out when I had my own children, and discovered how telling them stories and singing to them could help them settle at night.

I decided to share the stories and songs I had invented with other parents and carers. I started by writing the stories on which everything else is based. Then I put together a team of experienced producers, composers, lyricists, illustrators, and editors. Together, we’ve turned my vision into a wonderful world of fun for children.


We’ve combined the best elements of modern and traditional storytelling, illustrations, and music-making.

Let your children join Toddly as he meets his beloved Toddlybear for the very first time. Then follow their adventures as they explore their world and learn about farm animals, magic present, stars, numbers and the four seasons. More stories will follow soon!


There are beautifully illustrated books children can read alone or with an adult, audio books for when they want to listen by themselves, and songs they can sing along to or to listen to in the car.


Are you worried that your children aren’t getting enough exercise? Our Toddlyworld action songs will help with that. Or, if your children find sleep hard to come by, our delightful lullabies will help them settle for the night.


Toddlyworld products are based on my vision and they are fun and educational. But they were also designed with you and your child in mind, and I was careful to involve parents in their development. I’d love to hear what you think of them, and what you’d like us to work on next.

Stanka Wixted

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Stanka Wixted


Meet the Team

Tony Campbell

Mark Cornwell
Production/Art Director

Michael Smith
Music Producer

Liz Holliday

Katarina Matuskova
Marketing Specialist

Andrew Hayman

Samantha Clark
Voice Actor (As Toddly), Singer

Jarka Laclavikova
Voice Actor (As Toddlybear), Singer

Elliot Jett

Bernadette Moore
Voice Actor (As Mother)

Paul Pennington
Voice Actor (As Father)

Isabella Castle
Voice Actor (As Grandmother)

Janine Sutton