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Child Friendly Board Books

Four Seasons Box Set
Toddly and Toddlybear have fun all year round - from finding out about Easter in the spring to playing in the snow in winter! But where did they go in summer, and who threw a nut at Toddly in the autumn?

Toddlyworld Gift Set
Join Toddly and Toddlybear as they meet for the first time, explore Granny's farm, find out where the stars go in the morning, and build their very first snowman.

Bedtime Stories
As Toddly and Toddlybear settle down for the night to sleep they remember all their wonderful adventures together. Eight fabulous stories of a boy and his real live teddy bear gathered into one gorgeous book.
Magic Present
Toddly discovers what a birthday party is like. After he blows out the candles on his cake and makes a wish, his dream comes true.
Toddly and Toddlybear fall asleep counting stars. When they wake up the stars have vanished. Where have they gone?
Toddly tries to show Toddlybear how to recognise numbers, but when he opens his book the numbers aren’t there.
In spring some people like to garden and clean their homes. Other people exchange Easter eggs and cards. What do Toddly and Toddlybear do?
It’s summer time! Toddly is so excited that he can’t wait so he packs his suitcase before he has even planned a holiday with Mummy.
Summer has come to an end and Autumn is here. Toddly and his best friend explore the magic of the changing of the seasons.
Winter has come to Toddlyworld. What are our little boy and bear getting up to in the cold snowy months.
Farm Animals
Toddly loves to visit Granny on her farm. She makes the best cakes and there’s lots to see and do. But will Butch the dog ever be his friend?

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